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Reusable Tote Bags

I love making tote bags, We have a ton of them that either my Mom or I have made or that we get for free at events. (5k walks, etc.)

In honor of Earth day, I challenge you to use reusable tote bags more! Here are 15 tutorials to make some really cute totes.

1. Monster Tote Bag
2. Ombre Hearts Tote
3. Drawstring Back Pack
4. Statement Tote Bag
5. Chevron Tote Bag
6. Panda Tote Bag
7. Neon Bow Tote Bag
8. Quote Tote Bag
9. Flower Tote Bag
10. Knit Produce Tote Bag
11. Eraser Stamp Tote Bag
12. No Sew PillowCase Tote Bag
13. Sweet Scallops Tote Bag
14. Kid Friendly Tote Bag
15. Tea Towel Tote Bag

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