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Our Garden

I snapped a few pictures of our garden last week, but I think everything is about twice as big now. :)
I also made this fun apron for a contest. (I didn't win, but no biggie.) It's a gathering apron, you can wear it down or when you're picking veggies you can tie the corners up and have a pouch to hold all your veggies. (Because I'm one of those people who would just pull her shirt up and hold them in it.)

I mostly followed this tutorial, making a few modifications as I went.

Curious about our garden? We're doing everything in containers this year since we're just renting. We've got radishes, carrots, strawberries, spinach, lettuce, peas, cilantro, mint, and cucumbers. We'll be planting more summer veggies soon though.

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  1. LOVE that gathering apron. I think I will need to make something like that for this year's mango season, my tree is getting full with fruit. yum!


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