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5 Facts

I shared 5 random little facts about myself last month and I've decided to do it again this month!
1. I love camping out in the middle of nowhere. In a tent. With no cell service. That's the best kind of camping! :)

2. I just upgraded from an iphone 3gs to a Windows Phone 8x. ( I realize that's not really about me, but whatever.)

3. I love to garden. Right now I've got strawberries, radishes, peas, carrots, spinach, leaf lettuce and loofahs growing. I can't wait to grow cucumbers (my favorite vegetable) and this year we're trying Mouse Melons.

4. I grew up watching old musicals. Most kids watch the Disney channel, but Taylor and I grew up without TV so we watched a lot of old musicals on VHS. I've seen all of the Shirley Temple Movies, Fred Astaire movies, Gene Kelly, etc. Oh, and I can't forget Bing. I love Bing.

5. I'm anti-social. I'd rather stay home with a book or watch episodes of Star Trek than go out somewhere. I hate crowds.

Writing about myself is actually tricky for me, so if you wanted to ask me some questions that would make writing these fact posts much easier. ;)

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