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Music Inspired Cards

Here's something you probably didn't know:  My Mom plays the violin and the piano so I've learned how to play the piano a little. I've now got extra sheet music laying around that can become craft projects!
My Mom plays in the String Ensemble at the local community college and she asked me to make a couple of cards, one for her instructor and one for the cellist who has a birthday soon.

This is the birthday card (Obviously, it says happy birthday on it. haha) I cut sheet music into circles and layered them with patterned paper onto my card. For the treble clef I printed out an outline and zentangled it.

 Here's the card for her instructor, I hand cut the cello and then drew on the details. I think the bling really makes this card. It wouldn't be the same without it. ;)

Fun fact: One of the few songs I know how to play on the piano is the Star Trek 2009 theme song. It's epic and makes me want to watch the movie!

Can you play an instrument? 
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