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Handmade Loofah Soaps

I stumbled across this tutorial on pinterest for making loofah soaps. I just happened to have a loofah from the community garden we were a part of last year and knew I wanted to try making them soaps instead of just scrubbies!

 I used microwavable Avocado Cucumber Soap, grapefruit scent and some colors. I started my soap as a light pink color to go with the grapefruit smell, and I added different colors and layers as I went along. So my soaps ended up multi-colored.

I was almost afraid it was going to be a pintrosity, because my soap was just seeping out of my loofah. I figured out that I just need to let my soap thicken up a little bit more before I poured it into the loofah.

Thankfully they turned out a success and not a fail! :)

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