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Document Life Workshop Layout

Today's Document Life Workshop challenge is all about food. Head over to the blog and see the rest of the projects! Here's a little about this challenge from the Document Life Workshop blog: 

If you live to be 70, you’ll have spent about six years, ten months of your life eating. That’s a big chunk of your life! A chunk that certainly deserves a spot in your documentation process. And if you are what you eat, that’s even more reason to include your food: you’re including a piece of yourself as well!

I took a slightly different approach to this challenge. Instead of food, I scrapbooked about my love for tea. I drink a lot of tea, I love it. I grabbed my washi tape stash for the layout.

Go check out the challenge on the Document Life Workshop blog!
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  1. I love how this is almost black and white but then you realize it's full of color!

    1. I just now noticed that.. You're right!

  2. Great use of washi tape! Love how you documented a favorite drink.

  3. I love the use of washi tape for the background. I need to do that more! What a great and simple idea.

  4. Love that you made the challenge work for you :)
    The way you used washi tape is really cool, I'll probably lift it :)
    All the color really make the b&w picture stand out, I like that !


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