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Bunny Rabbit Shaped Card

This projects was inspired by this card made by JustLuLu. I really loved it and wanted to make my own version, so I made my own template in photoshop and I'm sharing it with you! I love shaped cards.
 Supplies: Paper, Sewing Machine, Craft Knife, Template (download my template here.)

1. Download and print out the template, and cut a card the right size. I made the template for a 4"x6" card.
 2. Using a craft knife, Cut around the template, leave the tips of the ears uncut so the your card is still attached in a few places.
3. Cut out 9 1" circles from different spring themed patterned papers.
4. Layer them in groups of 3 and sew a line down the middle. Bend the top 2 circles up so they're 3d.
5. Adhere them onto your card so that they look like "bunny tails".
I also loved how the original card I was inspired by had stitches around the edges so I copied that look using a white marker.
Perfect for both Spring and Easter, right?

How do you feel about shaped cards?? Love them, Hate them? I like them, but I don't make them very often.
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