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5 Facts

This post was inspired by Kam at CampfireChic. Kam posts "Fast Facts" every now and then and I love getting to know little things about other bloggers, so I thought I'd share a few facts about me.
1. I love hot tea. I might be addicted, but I always like to have a cup of tea in my hand. I usually drink black tea but I also love mint tea, berry tea and orange spice tea. I can't stand mango tea though.

2. I have weird feet- not only do I wear a size 10 to 11 (depending on the shoe) but I have one flat foot. I think it's flat due to so many years of gymnastics, I probably injured it. It sure makes shoe shopping fun (not.) which is why I always just wear tennis shoes or flip flops.

3. I write down everything. I have about 4 different notebooks on my desk full of notes. I call them my brains. My Mom and Sister both have really great memories, but I have my Dad's memory which is not so great, haha. So I write a lot of lists. Lists for blog ideas, to-do lists, etc. I'm way more productive if I have a to-do list, what about you?

4. My favorite Pandora station is the Film Score radio. It plays the soundtracks to Star Trek, Tron, Xmen, etc. Epic things. That makes me nerdy, huh?

5. I have a huge stack of books sitting next to my bed just waiting to be read. (that rhymed, didn't it?) I read pretty quick, but I am always stocking up on books from Half Price Books so my stack never gets any smaller.

Do you like learning little facts about people? What's some fun/weird facts about you?
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  1. This is so fun to read-you should do more of these posts!


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