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#30lists Days 1 through 9

I already posted a peek at the album I'm using for 30 Days of Lists, but now that the challenge has started I'm going to be posting my lists from the previous week here every Sunday. Are you doing #30lists?

Here are my lists from days 1-9:
I'm keeping things simple by using pretty much just washi tape and sharpies.
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  1. Oh your album is awesome! You are doing such a great job!The 3rd one is my favourite!

  2. Love that teal washi. At first I thought it was woodgrain; but maybe it's zebra?? And what is it about Star Trek that just hooks us so completely???

    1. Yes, it is zebra. I love it too!

    2. I cannot wait for the new Star Trek movie. ;)

  3. I should totally do this! Making lists is my favorite! I love your pages!


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