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Zentangle Valentines DIY

If you want a new art technique to try, I recommend zentangling. Never heard of it? It's creating art by combining different patterns and designs. To learn more, check out this post.

For these valentines I combined a bunch of different zentangle patterns (and made up some of my own!) into the shape of a heart and added a little message onto the back.I think they turned out pretty cute.
Supplies: Paper, Fine Point Black Pen (I used a Design Memory Craft PITT Pen) Water Color Pencils or Paint, Patterned Paper

1. On your paper sketch out hearts. You can use a stencil but I just free-handed mine.
 2. Zentangle inside your hearts. To find a list of fun patterns, I recommend checking out TanglePatterns. I also have a pinterest board for zentangling filled with pattern ideas.

 3. Using your watercolor pencils or paint, color in your designs.  
 4. Cut them out.
5. I covered the back of them with patterned paper, but this is optional.
6. Write little notes on the back!
 These are so easy to make, the only time consuming part is the zentangling and I find it super relaxing so I don't mind that it takes a while.

For other Valentine craft ideas using various art mediums (sewing, paper, etc!) check out my online workshop, I Heart Art!
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