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The last weeks of Project 366

With all of the holidays and everything, I haven't posted the last of my project 365 pictures yet. So, here they are:
 Star Trek Shoes!! (More pics soon.) | A Gorgeous Sunrise | Watching Bob Hope and Bing Crosby | Taylor's Cat. | He look's innocent, but trust me, He's evil. | Crafting | Watching Star Trek
 My Awesome Parents | Another Magical Sunrise | A Seagull | We went to the Everglades NP. We were about 5' from wild gators. | We also went to Key West, They have the most amazing sunsets. | Bird | On the Road again.
and for the last 2 days of December, I stocked up on some clearance washi tape, and chilled by the fire.

Did you do a project 365 last year? Are you doing one this year? I'm taking a break from it in 2013, but I'm impressed that I kept it up for all of 2012.
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