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The Importance of Good Photography

You may not realize it when you first start a blog, or handmade business, but photography is a big part of the job.

Why is photography so important?
Think about it. When you browse other blogs, what does their photography look like? If the photos are good you probably enjoy looking at them. If they are underexposed, blurry or just bad composition, they aren't as nice to look at.
You want good photos for your blog. Especially if you're doing a tutorial, or selling products. People can't follow your tutorial if the pictures are really bad. And they might be interested in your product except that in your picture the lighting is low and the colors don't show your product good.

Here are a couple of simple tips to improve your blog photography. These are meant for taking photos of your art, products, etc.

The 2 most important things (to me.) are a good natural light source and a white background.

I'm lucky enough to have a window right beside my desk, so I usually have a lot of light. (unless it's cloudy or raining. ) I can tell you that natural light (sunshine!) is way way better than the lights inside your home. The lighting of your pictures are so much better if you have natural light. No windows? Go outside!

If what you're photographing is small, a sheet of printer paper would work for a simple white background. If it's larger, say a 12"x12" scrapbook layout, I use a piece of white foamboard. (which I bought at HobbyLobby)
 (My messy desk. I've got everything I need: Sharpies, cheese nips, a cup of tea, and my laptop! Please ignore the sock monkey....I'm not sure what he's doing. LOL)

See the difference the white background makes below? The wood texture of my desk is cool, but it takes away from my tag, while the white background makes the colors pop more and looks more professional.

Good photography skills are also a good skill to have for more then just blogging! By practicing your camera skills you will also get better shots of things that aren't craft related. Like family, or camping pictures, etc.

I shoot with a Canon Rebel T3, and I highly recommend a DSLR camera (I could tell that my pictures were better quality as soon as I upgraded my point and shoot to a DSLR.)

But don't think that just because you don't have a fancy camera you can't get decent pictures. Sure, they might not be quite as great quality as a DSLR, but with good natural light, and a white background, you can get good pictures even with a smart phone!

I hope you've enjoyed these tips. I'm not a pro photographer, these are just a few things I've learned while trying to improve my camera skills.
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