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Star Trek Canvas Shoes

After I made the pair of Christmas themed canvas shoes for a friend I couldn't wait ti make myself a pair of shoes. I didn't want to do another Christmas pair because the holidays were almost over, so I decided to make Star Trek shoes.

I know, you're jealous. I love how these turned out, I think they are pretty awesome. Even my Dad was like "Hey, those are pretty good!"
 Here are a list of all the little Star Trek "scenes" I included onto this one pair of shoes:
  • The Transporter Room with Scottie Beaming Kirk down.
  • Spock saying "Live Long and Prosper"
  • The Earth
  • The Enterprise fighting a Klingon War Bird
  • The Galileo Shuttle
  • Kirk in a pile of Tribbles
  • An Andorian and another Planet
  • Dr. McCoy (Bones) holding a hyposray saying "I'm a Doctor"
  • Uhura
  • Captain Kirk saying "Spock"
  • The words Star Trek and To Boldly Go on the back of each shoe.
  • On the two front flaps where the shoelaces are, I was trying to make it look like a red shirt with the gold ric rac.

What do you think?? I l-o-v-e them.

If you're not a trekkie, you probably think I'm so nerdy. But, that's true, actually. ;)
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