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Mosaic Style Scrapbook Layout DIY

We've got a few mosaic books laying around on the bookshelf here and my Mom and I were looking through one the other day. So this layout and technique was inspired by mosaics. I really like the look. 
All you need to do this technique is scrap paper, and luckily for me I keep all my scraps (even the teeniest ones.) so I had plenty.

1. Lightly sketch out your design with a pencil.
 2. Gather up your scraps, I chose reds, blues, browns and purple.
 3. Cut them all up! I cut mine up pretty small, but you could keep them larger if you're doing a larger design.
 4. Using a glue stick, glue your paper scrap mosaic tiles down on to your design. I tried to fit mine nicely but there are some places where I just couldn't find the right shape. It still looks fine though.
After you've got the design filled in you're done! Or, you could use a contrasting color (like a solid white or black cardstock), cut it up and cover the rest of your page in it. Whatever you like. ;)
I also went around my design with my Stampers Big Brush Pen in black to make it stand out more, and because I like things outlined in black. It makes them pop. :)

So, do you like this technique? Is it something you've tried, or would like to try?
What other cool techniques have you done on a layout?
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