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Last Day to Sign Up for the Button Swap!

Today is the last day to sign up for the button swap. I'd love to have you join in, and it's free except for the cost of postage!! Keep reading to get info on how to sign up!

The fine print:

  • Sign ups to join the Button Swap are open until January 20th!
  • After sign ups close, you have until January 31st to send your buttons to me! In the package you must include 10 buttons and a pre-stamped, self addressed envelope.
  • Why pre-stamped? 
  • Once I receive all of the buttons I am going to mix them up and send you back buttons from other people in your self addressed envelope. However it would get pretty expensive for me to ship them all back to you, so I'm asking you to pre-stamp/pre pay for shipping.
  • This is a free swap except for the cost of shipping. I'm afraid I have to limit this to US participants only so that all of the buttons arrive around the same time frame.
  • I've gotten a few international artists who would really love to participate. If you're one of them, I'm simply asking that you be willing to pay for a faster shipping than the normal international shipping.
  • You can use buttons from your stash, vintage buttons, handmade buttons or go out and buy some new buttons. Whatever you like.

How to join: Just email me and I will let you know where to send your package. (your package should include a prestamped, self addressed envelope and 10 buttons)
In order to be entered into the swap, you must email me so that I can send you my address!

I'm excited about this! As I said, I love buttons and getting mail. :) -Katie
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  1. This is interesting. Good luck for the event, Katie!

  2. Aw man! I wish I had found your blog in time to participate! Maybe next time. :)


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