Seed Tape DIY

If you like to garden, or if you know any gardeners this is a wonderful gift. 
 Supplies: Toilet Paper, White Glue, Seeds, Scissors
1. Tear about a 3' piece of toilet paper. You can make them longer or shorter, I just prefer this size.
2. Cut your toilet paper in half, making 2 strips.
3. Put drops of glue along your toilet paper, Spreading them out however long you seed packet says to plant your seeds.
4. Add 1 or 2 seeds per glue dot.
 5. For larger seeds, use a larger glue drop.
 6. Let the glue dry. Lay in the ground and lightly cover with dirt. 

I'm giving these as a gift to my Mom, so I packaged them up by rolling them and creating little labels using the seed packets.

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