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Project 365: Weeks 47 and 48

I didn't blog my 366 photos from last week so I've got 2 weeks worth in today's post. :)
 Fall Leaves | Peppermint Tea | Playing Draw Something, can you guess it?? lol | Watching Despicable Me | Going Camping in Arkansas | Fire | Pretty Scenery
Hanging out in my Hammock | Art Journaling | An Early Christmas Gift (Thanks, Mom!) | Doodling Moose | Decorating a pair of shoes | Sharpies | Organizing my Supplies.

So, did you know that there are only 4 more weeks of project 365? If you've stuck with it this long, you can make it! You're almost done! I've really enjoyed doing project 365, it's a fun challenge. 
Any ideas on a fun challenge for 2013? Are you doing any year long projects?
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