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Holiday Gift-Wrapping with Mou Saha

Hi everyone, Mou Saha here from Creating Keepsakes magazine. Holidays are here and it’s the time of gift giving. Any gift becomes extra special when it’s wrapped with love and some creativity.

For this little pocket, I used kraft wrapping paper, dress pattern tissue, some patterned tissue from Tim Holtz, book paper, Diecut border, lace trim, tissue tape, chipboard letters, decoupage medium, sewing machine, and a gift topper.

First, decoupage some dress pattern tissue onto kraft wrapping paper. The sizes will depend on the size of your gift. Layer small pieces of decorative tissue and book paper on top and seal with a coat of decoupage medium. Let dry.

Once the piece is dry, fold it in half and machine stitch the left and right edges.

Now with the pocket structure complete, decorate with trims, diecut borders, and chipboard letters. Attach a gift topper with some tissue tape for extra cheer.

Put your gift in with a special note and it would surely make someone very merry this Christmas!
Happy Holidays J

A note from Katie:
I think this is a gorgeous way to wrap presents. So much more texture and more layers than plain wrapping paper. Thanks for guest posting, Mou! -Katie
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