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Easy Gift Tags DIY

This is like the 3rd set of gift tags I've made this year. I make about 5 or 6 tags, them I use them all up and think "well, now I have to make some more". But instead of making a ton (which I need) I make about 5 more, and then run out again! Haha. But it's not a real problem because I like to make tags.

Here's the process of how I made these easy-peasy tags:
Supplies: Patterned Paper, Scissors, Black Marker, Hole Punch

1. Cut your tags from patterned paper.
2. Cut circles, ovals and other shapes from contrasting patterned papers.
3. Glue them onto your tags.
4. Doodle away! I outlined my ornament shapes, added bows, hooks, to/from, etc.
5. Punch a hole in the top of each tag. (I used my crop-a-dile, but any hole puncher will do.)
Now just add them to your presents. These tags were ridiculously easy but I love the simple doodle look of them.

Are you making your own gift tags? What about presents? Are you all done making gifts/shopping for gifts??

I only have 1 present left and them I'm all done! (with 3 days left til Christmas too!
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