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DIY Cord Organizer

I'm already pretty good at keeping my earphone cords from getting tangled, but every now and them I borrow earphones from someone (*Taylor*) and her earphones are always full of knots.

After googling some earphone/cord organizers I decided to make some. All you need is felt and snaps. Super easy!
 Supplies: Multiple colors of felt, Snaps. You can use the kind of snaps the you sew on, or the kind that are like brads and you just punch through. You could also use buttons instead.
 If you want to create one that looks like a panda or owl, download my pattern here. you can easily change up the animal, just add whatever face you want to a 1x1.5" rectangle and you've got your pattern.

1.Cut out your pieces from felt. You need to cut 2 of your main pieces and also cut out any face pieces you need.
 2. Sew/glue your snaps onto one of your main pieces. (This will be the back of your cord organizer.)
 3. Flip it over, and sew/glue your second piece on top. This is to cover up your stitches.
 4. Glue or sew on the rest of the embellishments. I chose to glue them on because I don't love to hand sew. haha.
 5. You're all done! You should be able to fold your little cord organizer in half, and close it with the snaps.
To organize your cables, wrap them into a loop and snap your little guy around them!

Also, since Christmas is only a couple days away (!!!), I think these would make some great last minute stocking stuffers. ;)
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  1. cute! I also like the crocheting on the headphones.

    1. Thanks, but I didn't make the headphones. I got them from


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