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Christmas in Florida

I promise to start posting crafts and tutorials again soon, but for now I am on vacation and am going to share some photos from my Christmas. I got a new zoom lens for my camera, so I'm super excited!

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  1. Ooh cool! A new lens! I bought a lens right before Christmaz that I have been wanting, but it wasn't a zoom lens. It's a 50mm fixed lens that has a 1.8 aperture. I'm loving how bright of photos it takes! And on another thought, I'm hoping you used a zoom lens for that alligator picture... I wouldn't want to get that close to get a picture! ;P

    1. I did take the gator photos with my new zoom lens.. but there was also a gator about 5 feet from me.. with no cage, walls, etc. Just air between me and the gator. :)


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