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Christmas Canvas Shoes

A friend saw a pair of painted canvas shoes online, and asked me if I could create her a Christmas themed pair. Of course, I said yes, I love new projects! After she bought canvas shoes that would fit, (you can buy them at walmart, I believe.) I grabbed my Sharpie collection and started doodling.

I wanted them to have all sorts of little Christmas doodles on them, so here's what I drew: 
  • Christmas tree, 
  • snowmen, 
  • snowflakes, 
  • Christmas tree lights,
  •  presents, 
  • Santa's sleigh, 
  • Rudolph, 
  • a penguin, 
  • candy cane stripes, 
  • Santa and Mrs. Clause, 
  • a gingerbread house 
  • and on the back it say's "Merry Christmas".
After I finished coloring and doodling, I sprayed it down with Scotchgard Fabric Protector which made some of the colors bleed, like the beak on my penguin in the photo above.

The colors didn't bleed too much though, so I like the finished look.
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  1. I love the peppermints on the back!!

    1. yay! You knew they were peppermints!!

  2. Oh my goodness! These are SO CUTE! I love how that they are bright and colorful but yet they are so festive!

    1. Thanks!! I didn't want to do just traditional red and green, so I made them super colorful. :)

  3. These are very cute! I may just have to do this with my 9 year old DD.

  4. I love these shoes!! I was just wondering, what color did you use as the background of the reindeer section? Is it orange or yellow, or some different colored sharpie? Also for the background of the christmas tree section, did you use a light green or yellow sharpie? Thanks!!

    1. for the reindeer It's a yellow Bic MARKIT.(offbrand sharpie) :) and the background of the tree is a Margarita green BIC.

    2. Alright thanks! Also, what colors are the background of the snowmen and the background of the gingerbread house? I want to do a little bit different version on my own pair :)

    3. The background behind the gingerbread house is a lime green sharpie, I believe and I *think* the background behind the snowmen was an aqua sharpie. It has been a while since I did these. ;)
      I hope yours turn out good!


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