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Book Page Angel Wings DIY

First, I just want to say this project was inspired by this Angel Wing Wreath that I saw on Pinterest. I made mine slightly different though. I love the finished look, it took about an hour or so to make it because of all the paper cones.

Can you guess how many I used?? 84. That was really the only time consuming part of this project- creating all 84 book page cones! haha.

Supplies: Book Pages (I used 42, and cut each book page into two 5" squares. A total of 84 squares.) Cardboard, Patterned Paper, Glue Stick, Hot Glue, Staples

1. Cut 2 angel wings from your cardboard. Whatever size you want, Mine are around 18" at their longest point.
 2. Now, cut your book pages into squares. (mine are 5" squares) Run glue along the left edge.
 3. Roll the right side over.
 4.and roll the left side over, securing the glue you added along the left edge.
 5. Repeat with 83 more squares (or however many you need to cover your wings.)
 6. Starting at the bottom point of one of your cardboard wings, begin glueing on your book page cones.
7. Continue until you have it covered. Repeat with your other wing.
 8. Cut an oval from patterned paper for the center. (mine is 9") Back it with card board. Decorate as desired. Since I'm using this as a Christmas decoration, I chose to use the word NOEL.
 9. Taking 1.5" wide strips of book pages, Pleat them.
 10. Glue them along the back edge of your oval.
11. Glue the oval to the top 2 edges of your wings. Using a stapler (or strong adhesive) Attach a ribbon or fabric strip to the back of your angel wings.
12. Hang it up on your wall, or maybe on your front door?

Whenever I post recycled book projects I get a few different comments. Those that love them, and those that are horrified at the thought of tearing up a book.
If you are the latter, I want to let you know that I'm using a really outdated encyclopedia. It's not worth anything, and the book was already falling apart. I love books but I think it's a good reuse of a book that was never going to be read again.

 If you can't bear to tear up a book, use copies of book pages or download some off the internet to print out.
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  1. Wow, what a fabulous idea! It looks really fun to do as well. Think I'm gonna have to try this one. I have a spot on the wall in my room that needs something.

    I love books but I love tearing them up for projects as well. Great way to recycle. :)

    1. I agree! I'm a bookworm, but I also love to recycle books as well. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! It's hanging on my wall right now. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Go for it!! I'd love to see your finished piece too. :)

    2. I have done :D
      But I try to make snow-flower.

      check mine: Love Loves to Love Love

    3. I just saw it on your blog!! I like that you made a snowflake/flower instead of angel wings!! So creative. :)

  4. BEAUTIFUL!! This would be a great gift for someone who collects Angels!!! Thanks for the Great Project!!!

  5. Love it! I've been trying all day to figure out how to do this! Wish I had found this article weeks ago when I really started trying to piece things together! THANK YOU!!! :D


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