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Project 365: Week 45

So, I was just curious: Do you do most of your crafting during the week, at night, or on the weekends? I craft  all week long, but I'm usually to busy on the weekends for any crafting except crochet. Which I can do while we're watching a movie or something.

Anyway, Here's my week in photos:
Watching Star Trek and Art Journaling | Sending off warm hats to the Sandy Craft Along | I love putting candy canes in my tea! So minty. | Little Pumpkins | I made a Panda hat for a friends | My stack of books to read | New Angry Birds game!!!

psssst! Only 43 days until Christmas! (I'm counting down the days..can't wait!)
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  1. only 43 days! OMG I didn't realize how close it was!! I do my crafting whenever I can, but I prefer night time, after dinner, when there's nothing to do and nothing to worry about except crafting!

    1. Yep, only 43 days!! I'm one of those people who start playing Christmas music before Halloween. ;) I can't wait.

  2. I would love to craft every night, but must wait until the weekend. But I do enjoy it whenever I have the chance.
    So few days for making gifts. I better hop to it.

    You blog is always fun.


    1. I'm a morning person,not a night person, so I don't think I could craft at night. ;)

      Thanks for your sweet comment, I try to keep my blog fun and inspiring!


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