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Free Thanksgiving Desktop/iphone/ipad Backgrounds

I designed this fun little background for your desktop background, ipad background or iphone background!
Definitely one of my favorites things about Autumn is the pumpkin pie. or pumpkin rolls, pumpkin cookies, etc.

This year we probably wont have any pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving since we are going to spend that weekend camping. (excited!)
The past couple of years we've done the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving and then we go home and make homemade pizzas. So, there is no cooking a big turkey for us, but we do of course have pumpkin pie. My Sister makes the best pies!

My thankfulness for pumpkin pie inspired this wallpaper.

 (ipad wallpaper)
(iphone wallpaper)
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  1. I just downloaded this for my iPad lock screen! ;) Before this one, I had your "do something amazing today" background.

    1. Awesome!! It fits, right? I don't have an ipad, so I figured out what size I thought it should be from googling. ;)


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