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Christmas Art Journal - Christmas Songs

I've been thinking about what to blog in December, and I thought "why not combine 2 of my favorite things?" Art journaling + Christmas! So over the next few weeks, I'll be posting some fun Christmas art journal prompts and pages.

You'll also be seeing other fun Christmas projects I'm sure, (sewing, cards, decor, etc) but I definitely wanted to do some art journal pages.

My first prompt: Favorite Christmas Song.
 Supplies: Acrylic Paint, Black Markers, Picture

How to transfer an image with acrylic paint:
1. Print out a picture onto plain printer paper.
2.Paint your background with acrylic paint (I don't know if this works with other paints or not, but feel free to experiment.) While your paint is still wet, place your image right side down into the paint. Rub down a little.
3. Let dry.
 4. Once your paint is completely dry, take a wet paint brush a lightly go over your photo, not too much water.
 5. Rub your fingers over your photo, it should begin to come up. You want to remove all of the paper but you don't want to rub too hard or you will remove the image too.
 I accidentally rubbed a little bit of Bing's face off, so it's not perfect but that's okay. :)
 6. Continue decorating your page. I used paint and painted circles around Bing.
I wanted to give Bing's face a little more outline, so using a Micron pen, I sketched his face over the photo and I also went over his hat with a red sharpie just to make it *pop* more.
 I continued to embellish the page with paint and doodles until I was happy with it. :)

You could also use these Christmas prompts for something other than art journaling: Scrapbooking, Blog Posts, etc
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