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Make It Yourself: A New Craft Magazine

Did you know there is a new craft magazine called Make It Yourself out by Better Homes and Gardens? It is filled with super cute tutorials, finds from pinterest+etsy, and other things to make yourself. 

I just stumbled upon it in the magazine section, but I know you can buy it as a digital subscription too. Just stop by the Make it Yourself facebook page for more info.

I loved the little house softies on the cover of the magazine, so following the tutorial inside the mag I made one of my own.  Since it's Autumn, I used more fall colored fabrics instead of the bright colors that they used. (even though the houses look so cute and colorful.)

Anyway, if you need some inspiration or just a new magazine to read, check this one out!
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  1. That's so cute!! I think you did great with your little house! Do you have a collection of little plushies you make?

    1. I still have some of them, I give most of them away. ;)

  2. I bought the mag the other has some awesome stuff in it and tons of inspiration to make things your it!

  3. OOOH ive never heard of this! Might give it a go! xxx

  4. That little house is too cute!

  5. Love this magazine! But it is very hard to get in my area in NY and you can't subscribe!!!!


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