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Air Plant Terrarium DIY

I've been wanting to make a Terrarium for quite some time now, and this was so easy to make. The only thing that I bought for this project was the vase that I got from the thrift store for 75 cents.
The air plants grow locally here in Florida, and I got the sand and seashells from the ocean.
 1. Start with a clear vase.
 2.. Add sand in the bottom, you could buy colored sand if you wanted, but I just used some from the beach.
 3. Add some seashells on top.
 4. Add your air plant.
 The wonderful thing about air plants is that they don't require any dirt and not much water to live. You can just spritz it with water every now and then.
Have you ever made a terrarium?
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  1. So pretty, I want to do none for my living room. Just need to find a good air plant in my neck of the woods.

    1. I think you can purchase them online too, if you don't have any where you live. ;)

  2. i love air plants! that's awesome they grow locally. i think i'd go nuts collecting them if i lived near where they grew :)

    1. There are so many hanging from the trees here!


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