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Coffee Filter Autumn Leaf Garland

Can you believe it's (almost!) September already? What are some of your favorite Autumn activities? I love baking pumpkin cookies. or pumpkin bread. Okay, I just love anything pumpkin. 

I also love pretty colored leaves, although growing up in Texas the leaves always just turned brown and fell out of the trees, and here in Florida, so far everything is still green! So I made my own colored leaves! Here's how:
 Supplies: Coffee Filters, Spray Mists or Paint, Sharpies, Sewing Machine.

1. Color your coffee filters. I used spray mists in pretty Autumn colors. I love that the mists blend together.
 2. Let them dry.
 3.  Using Sharpies (or any other marker) Draw fun designs on them. I did a combination of just fun doodles and some zentangle designs.
 4. Cut your coffee filters into leaf shapes. I freehanded mine, but you could always use a template.
They turned out so beautiful, and they help it seem more like Autumn here in sunny Florida. :)

p.s. (My 20th birthday is in 4 days!)
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  1. [LOVE]
    This is such a great idea! I have a ton of coffee filters laying around. We don't drinnk coffee, and I have no idea where they came from. ;P I love how the mists blend together, like you said in your post. The leaves look so fall-ish! I'm READY! I love fall and winter time! :)


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