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Brainstorming Ideas

Can you believe there is only 5 days until I move to Florida?? I honestly cannot wait, I'm tired of this hot Texas summer and I'm ready to get to the beach and unpack all of my stuff. Since I haven't been able to create anything lately because all of my supplies are in boxes, Taylor and I have been brainstorming some fun craft ideas that we're going to do once we get moved. 

I won't spill all of the details, but here's a small peek at what will be coming to both Punk Projects and Taylor's blog, This Memorable Life.

  • DIY home decor ideas.
  • Pictures of our new apt.
  • Fun projects involving glitter.
  • A lot of fun autumn projects.
  • Free downloads.
  • Possibly a new online class!
  • Beach crafts
I'm thinking that there might be quite a few Seashell projects since I plan on doing a lot of walks along the ocean shell hunting.

Do you ever brainstorm craft ideas?
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  1. Love all yours ideas and i wish you a great move to Florida !!
    Look for some beautiful glassbeach! :))

    1. Thanks, Sophie!! I will definitely be searching for beach glass too.

    2. Oups Beach glass...sorry i don't write or speak English enough. ;))

    3. No problem, I knew what you meant! I wish I spoke more than one language. ; )


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