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Autumn Inspired Notebook Labels DIY

I made these for my to use on her school notebooks, so that she could label each of them. These were really so easy it isn't much of a DIY, just showing you what I did.
 Supplies: Papers, Pen or Sharpie, Glue

1. Cut out your labels. I cut mine out on the cricut, using a label from the Home Accents cartridge. I cut out some small ones, and large ones so that I could layer them.
 2. Glue your labels together. Like I said, I cut different sizes, and layered them.
 3. Cut out a Small piece of cardstock and glue on top of you label.
 4. Add any doodles or embellishments you want.
See? So easy! and cute, right? I can't wait for Autumn, what about you?
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  1. I love the awesome colors!!! What line did u use? I love the little pumpkins you doodled too! Ooh-- I live the shape of the die it tags too. :)

    1. I didn't use any one paper line, I really just pulled out any papers from my stash that I thought were "autumn-y" and cute! :)

  2. They are super cute!! And don't you just love it when you can coordinate random papers together? Love the combinations! :)


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