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Reverse Applique Card DIY

In the Quilting world, Reverse applique is a technique that involves layering fabrics together and then cutting away the top layer to reveal the fabric underneath.
This card is inspired by reverse applique, except that I use paper not fabric.
 Supplies: Papers, Sewing Machine, Adhesive, Misc. Embellishments

1. Fold a piece of paper into a card. My paper was 8"x6" so that once it is folded it is 4"x6".
2. Cut a shape from the front of your card.
 3. Cut a patterned piece of paper slightly larger than your shape.
 4. On the backside of your card, Glue your paper over your shape. (with the front of your paper down.)
 5. This is what the front should look like:
 6. Using your sewing machine, Stitch around your shape. If you don't own a sewing machine, you could also do this using a pen and create fake stitches. Just doodle little dashed lines around it.
 7. I also stitched around the inside of my shape.
 8. Add any other embellishments you wish! I added washi tape, and wrote on a sentiment. 
It's a little simpler than my normal cards, but I still think it's cute. Do you do much sewing on your cards?
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  1. Oh!!! I love this card!
    Kisses from Brazil

  2. it's nice. i like it :)

  3. Love this card, such a cute idea!


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