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My New Wheels

As you know, I'm moving to Florida in 2 weeks and instead of getting a car (because I honestly don't like to drive) I decided a scooter would be fun! (thanks to my parents for buying it!)

I just got it, and I already love riding it. I even doodled it:
It's a Kymco Like 200i, and it's a beautiful cream color. cute, right?
 I can't wait to ride it to the beach and back. Do you own a scooter or motorcycle?
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  1. Oh my gosh! Im so jealous! I've wanted one for years. I almost had my husband convinced then he rode one and didn't like it. He's crazy. Have fun!!!

    1. How could he not like it?? Lol, I love mine!

  2. sooo cute! i would want one too!

  3. That's so cute! :) I love the cream color-- looks so cute and vintage-y! Cute doodle of it too, Katie! You are so talented. ;)


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