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DIY Wall Drawers with Marya

Hi, this is Marya from lotus tree crafts. Like Katie, I’m in the midst of a big move so I thought it be fun to share one of my many new home d├ęcor projects! I freely admit this is pinterest inspired aka pinspiration project that I’ve been plotting for while now.

First things first:

Since I’m an upcycling crafty girl I found my drawer collection by spending some time going through other people’s old  furniture. In other words, I took drawers from the furniture people left out on the side of the road.  You know what they say; someone else’s trash is another’s gold mine! Here in Quebec, July 1st is moving day, which means that there are tons of goodies put out on the street just before or on Canada Day weekend. For those of you living in other areas, I’d suggest going hunting towards the end of the month. Otherwise you’re looking at finding just the right second hand dresser with different size drawers.

Next, once you’ve got them, you need to prep them:

A light sanding does the trick. Easy, peasy!
Me and spray paint = good times:

I tried spray paint and regular paint. Even though spray was more fun, regular paint worked better! If you opt for spray paint, check the wind around you because it kind of goes everywhere.
Plotting your design layout:

I outlined the boxed with kraft paper I bought at my local dollar store, but old wrapping paper or newspaper (if you don’t have light walls) would work too. Then a friend and I played with the boxes by taping them in several different combinations.
Choosing just the right look:

I started with scrapbook paper because there are just so many great scrapbook papers but ultimately bought bigger sheets because the seams were smoother. Plus I found some fun Euro stamp themed paper that I build my colour scheme around. I encourage you to do this with a friend because the paper choices get a little overwhelming!
Lining the goods:

After measuring the paper we lined the boxes using regular old white glue and a ruler to smooth it out. Then we hung the drawers using wall anchors and screws. The measurements were tricky, mostly because my husband has this thing about things being straight (I’m more of an eyeball it measurement kind of girl).
Voila, final product:

For now I’ve decorated the drawers with bottles I’ve been collecting over the years.

Next up:
Milk painting some of the bottles and lining others with rice paper, just to make them pop off the shelf more!

Marya is a new home owner, self confessed paper addict, lit geek and former west coast hippie crafting and blogging her way through the cold urban sprawl winters of Montreal. She suffers from Crafting ADD (it’s a clinical term, I swear) and generally has far too many craft projects on the go at any one time. You can find her crafting goodies for her etsy shop or and writing about her crafting (mis)adventures and life in general on her blog.

-Note from Katie- Aren't these just amazing?? Sadly, I won't be able to do this in my new apartment that I'm moving into, but I'm still super inspired my Marya's project!
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  1. these are rocking... love them.... great project.. and great way to recycle used drawers!

  2. I'm loving this idea! Sooooo gonna do it! <3


  3. Love this idea! Will be great in my dining room! Thanks for being so creative!

  4. Love these! Makes me wish I had wall space :-)


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