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Button Bracelet DIY

These button bracelets are so quick and easy to make, I think they would make great gifts. You could also make the threads a little longer and turn them into anklets. Have you turned buttons into jewelry?

Supplies: Buttons, Embroidery Thread.

1. Find a cute button, and cut 2 15" pieces of embroidery thread.
 2. Fold 1 piece of your embroidery thread in half, and thread both of the ends through one of your button holes. Leaving the folded loop end of your thread through your button, Like so:
 3. Bring the 2 ends of your embroidery thread up through the loop, and pull tight.
 4. Repeat with your other piece of embroidery thread and the other button hole.
 5. Knot the ends.
 6. Wrap around your wrist and tie!

  • Try braiding the embroidery thread before your knot the ends.
  • For a 4 holed button, thread your folded embroidery thread through 2 holes instead of 1.

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  1. LOVE THIS! Oh my gosh, this is way too cute. I'm making one of these as soon as I get home!


    1. Go for it!! I'd love to see pictures!

  2. i like these! so easy!


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