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Air Brushed Socks DIY

Taylor and I found the ColorArtz Airbrush kit on clearance at Joanns for only $2.97 so we jumped on it! Even online it is still a really great price! Find it on the Color Artz store here.

1. Following the instructions on your airbrush, spray colors onto your socks. You can do one solid color, stripes, dots, ombre or any other pattern you want to try!I chose to do stripes with neon pink, green and a blue. Taylor gave her socks a green ombre look.
2. Allow to dry. Easy peasy, right? I'm loving the look it gives things so now I'm trying to think up even more things that I can air brush!!
Taylor has a fun DIY for Air Brushing some pillows over on her blog. Be sure to go check it out!

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  1. Those are definitely awesome socks, Katie!!I love the bright colors! :) And don't we just love good deals??

  2. These are super cute and awesome! I'll have to try this sometime :)


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