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7 Ways to Follow Punk Projects

I've been getting a few new readers lately thanks to being featured on a few sites, so hello everyone! So that you don't miss out on any of the fun DIY's or inspiration that I post here on punk projects I wanted to share a few ways that you can follow my blog:

  1. Google Friend Connect: Located on my right sidebar, if you use blogger you can follow along using google friend connect and my blog will show up in your blogger reader.
  2. Twitter: My twitter is just for my blog, so you wont see a bunch of tweets from my personal life, Just blog posts and instagrams, But I'd love to have you follow me there. Click here to follow me on twitter. 
  3. Facebook: "Like" Punk Projects on facebook and have my blog posts show up right in your newsfeed! You can also leave me notes on my wall, or post pictures of your own crafts that were inspired by one of my tutorials. Click here to "like" Punk Projects on Facebook.
  4. Blog Lovin': Do you use BlogLovin' to follow your favorite blogs? Check out Punk Projects on Blog Lovin' Click here to follow me on Blog Lovin'
  5. Pinterest: You can either follow all my boards on Pinterest or just follow my "Punk Projects" board, where I pin my own projects that I post here on the blog. Click here to follow me on Pinterest.
  6. Google Plus: If you're on Google+, Hop over and follow Punk Projects.
  7. Follow by Email: Also in my sidebar is a form that you can enter your email, and you will get an email every time that I post. But you might get tired of that, unless you just really love punk projects. ;)
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  1. Just to let you know I follow you but not using any of those methods. I used the small orange button on the top of my google chrome toolbar and subscribe to your blog RSS feeds. It is nice because I can subscribe to any blog whether it's on blogger, wordpress ect.. I read a lot of blogs and having all the feeds show up in my google reader is GREAT. I can read them on my phone, on my tablet or at my computer. Just another option that is available!

  2. Allfreesewing said you have a star trek apron. but the link no workie... :(

    1. Hi Cecelia, My Star Trek apron is being published in a book, so I had to take the post off of my blog due to licensing issues. So sorry!


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