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My Laptop Died..

My little laptop stopped charging yesterday. :( Luckily, I can share my mom's computer, but all of my craft pictures are on my laptop. So I may not be blogging quite as much for a couple of weeks.

I still have a couple of blog posts scheduled though. So I won't totally disappear until my laptop is fixed. I promise. ;)
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  1. Oh man! That stinks! Hope you can get it fixed! I can't wait till I get my own laptop that I do my OWN crafty stuff on! :P

    1. I might just end up with a new laptop, because that might be just the same price as getting my old one fixed. ;)

  2. That's what we did with our home computer. It was just as much to get it fixed as to get a new one! One thing about a new laptop-- it'll be faster and NEW! :)


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