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Folded Mini Album DIY

I love creating mini albums and not only is this folded mini album is so easy to make, it turns out super cute! 
 Supplies: Cardstock and Patterned Paper, Embellishments, Adhesive

1. Cut 2 4x4" squares from patterned paper and cut 4 4x5" pieces from cardstock.

2. Make a 1" fold on 1 side of each of your cardstock squares.
 3. Take 1 of your 4x4" squares and glue the 1" fold of a cardstock square to the edge.
 4. Repeat with the remaining cardstock pieces.
 5. Glue your other 4x4" square in the middle to hide the cardstock edges.
6. Decorate! You can add pictures to all the flaps, or just the middle one (like I did.) Just however you like to embellish it.
To hold it shut, I stapled some twine to the front flap and just wrap it around a couple of times! So easy!

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