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FireCracker Softies DIY

This Summer I've been making and posting tutorials for some cute Summer Softies. Check out the others here:
 Supplies: Felt, Ribbon, Silver Pipe Cleaners, Stuffing, Buttons, Sewing Machine, Needle and Thread

1. Cut a 6"x5" piece of red felt.
 2. Sew on a face in the middle of the felt. I used button for the eyes, but you could just stitch the eyes.
 3. So it wouldn't be just a plain red firecracker, I added a strip of white felt and some blue ric rac. Sew that on.
 4. Fold your firecracker in half (longways) and sew up the side.
 5. Flip right side out.
 6. Taking a small piece of red felt, Stand your firecracker up on it and trace around it. You need 2 red circles that size.
 7. Taking one of your circles, cut 2 small slits in it, and thread a 6" long pip cleaner through. Like this:
 8. Twist your pipecleaner together, and cut 2 small stars from yellow felt.
 9. Sew your stars together, with your pipecleaner in between.
 10. Using a needle and thread, sew this to the top of your firecracker.
 11. Stuff your firecracker.
12. Taking your other red circle, place it on the bottom of your firecracker, and stitch it closed.
and that's it! you're done! I also made a stripey blue firecracker..
Aren't these perfect for the 4th of July? If you make some, I would LOVE to see pictures!!
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  1. So cute, love this, how could you not have 1000 comments about this tute?

    Thanks so much for sharing x

    1. Awww, thank you! I love reading sweet comments from my readers!! :)

  2. I'm using this for a 4th of July Swap. Thanks so much for sharing. Too cute!


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