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Whale Softie DIY

Okay, I recommend that if you want to try this softie, you already have some sewing experience, as it is not the easiest softie in the world. Although I think it did turn out pretty cute!  ;)
Supplies: Felt, Stuffing, Silver or Blue Pipe Cleaner, Buttons or Googly Eyes, Needle and Thread, Sewing Machine

1. Pin the pattern to your felt, and cut out the shapes- YOU NEED TO CUT 2 PIECES FROM BOTH SHAPES.
You will also need to cut a 10" x 1.5" piece of felt and a 5" x 1.5" piece of felt.
and, you will also need to cut out 2 small flippers. :)
1. Taking 1 of your half circle pieces and your 10"x1.5" piece of felt, Line up the corner of the 10" strip with the corner of the half circle, like this:
2. Pinning as you go, curve the strip around the circle.
3.Stitch them together, staying about 1/4" away from the edge.
4. Now you need to pin the other edge of your 10" strip to your other half circle. Like so:

5. Stitch them together, going along the edge.
Set that piece aside for now, we're going to work on the tail.

6. Placing your 2 tail pieces together, stitch along the edge, leaving the bottom open.
7. Flip right side out.
8. Now for the FUN part. 
With your whale inside out, pin your tail to the back, on the inside.
9. Here's a sideview:
10. Taking your 5"x1.5" strip of felt, pin it across the opening.
11. Stitch it closed, leaving a small section open.
12. Flip right side out.
13. Stuff you whale.
14. Using a needle and thread, Stitch the opening closed.
15. and lastly, Taking a silver pipe cleaner, fold it a few times into the shape of a water spout and attach it to his head.

I didn't think of a water spout until the last minute, so I just hot glued it on. If you are making this softie for a little kid, you might want to attach it another way.

If you figured out those instructions and your whale looks like a whale, then you're all done!
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