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Washi Tape Card DIY

I've finally got a few rolls of washi tape, so I decided to make a couple of quick easy cards. 
The green chevron tape is from LoveMyTapes (which I got off 2peas.) and the red and pink tape is from Target.
Supplies: Cardstock, Pen, Washi Tape

1. Cut your cardstock to 8"x6" or desired size, and fold in half.
2. On the front of your card, Doodle a greeting.
3. Start adding strips of washi tape around it. 
4. Continue adding rows of washi tape. On this card I did 4 rows, but you could also cover the whole card in tape. ;)
5. Trim any extra tape hanging off the edges.
6. Add some more doodles! (this is totally optional, I just love doodling.)
Here's another card I made. :)
What have you been using washi tape for?? Have any good project ideas?
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  1. I love this! I have been wanting to try some crafts with this tape but haven't been able to think of what I want to do. Now I can make cards! Thanks, Katie! :-)

  2. how cute and retro looking is that. simple yet very retro elegant.
    I dont have any washi tape but when I get lucky enough to get some I will definitely keep this in mind for a card. actually I think I will put this in my folder of "must do's" Thanks for sharing

  3. Great idea. I have never bought washi tape, but I think I will put it on the list. Thanks Katie!

  4. Cute cards! Love the doodle plus fun tape.


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