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Starfish Softie DIY

I know the 1st official day of Summer isn't for another month or so, but here in TX we've already been swimming and going around in shorts and flip flops.

So going with the summer theme, I've been in the mood to create some fun summer softies.. Here's the first one I have made- A Starfish! 
Supplies: Felt, Stuffing, Buttons or googly eyes, Needle and Thread, Sewing Machine.

2.Pin the pattern to your felt, and cut out 2 stars, cutting on the outside line.
3.  Using a pencil, lightly sketch where you want to add stitches.
4. Using orange thread, go over you pencil lines.
5. For the eyes, I used 2 buttons but you could also use something like googly eyes. 
6. Stack your 2 stars, right sides together. Pin them.
7. Sew around the edges, saying about a 1/4" from the edge, and leave an opening to flip it right side out.
8.  Make small snips in the corners so that it will turn right side out better.
9. Flip it right side out, and stuff it. 
This can be a little tough, because your starfish isn't real big. I used a crochet hook and a rub-on stick to help flip it and stuff it.
10. Using a needle and thread, stitch your opening closed.
Now that it's stitched up, you're all done! I think it would be super cute to have a whole bunch of different colored starfish softies! Don't you??

Quick Question: Do you like the word Softie or Plushie better?
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