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Restyled Glitter Flower Pot DIY with Natt

Hello everyone. 
Natt Smith here as a guest post today for Earth day project.
I love flower but living in Colorado for me it's a heart broken to see all my flower died in winter.
So I figured out it is better to just plant a lot of indoor plants.
Every corner in my home have flower in a vase or pots.
Flower pots has simply become home deco.
So today Earth day project is how to make glitter pot for you indoor plants.
What do you need ?
- Clay pot.
- Martha Stewart glitter acrylic paint.
- Paint brush.
How to ?
- It can be a little bit trickier when you want to paint this pot in another color beside this gold color. You might have to applied Modpodge first to get it into the color you want.
- Paint glitter acrylic paint onto pot.
- Wait 15 mins until it completely die and repeat 3 times 
- You can also add twine and  fabric tag like I did to give it to someone as a gift.
Let's take a closer look.
Glitter Acrylic  laid nicely on the pot.
That's it everyone, for my Earth day project. Hopefully it will help inspired you to plant more flower and add more green to this lovely planet we're in.
Don't forget to stop by at my blog HERE and see what kind of giveaway I have for you.

A note from Katie- WOW, that flower pot is so pretty now, isn't it? Natt did an amazing job, be sure to stop by her blog and be inspired.
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