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Recycle Old Leather Scraps into an Instax Mini Pouch with Lo!

Hi! I'm Lo of Little Somethings by Little Lo Hood. I am so excited to be here, just like Katie I am really into repurposing and being green when I can. I recently made this leather pouch for my instax minis. Honestly though before I took on this task I had planned to make a little wallet, which proved a bit harder with this design, but it actually ended up working perfectly to keep my instax minis safe.

You'll need:
-scrap leather in 3 different colors
-sewing machine
-mens shoelace
-scissors/exacto knife

 *A helpful tip I learned when sewing with leather is to put painters tape on the bottom of your sewing machine foot so that the leather doesn't stick to it and it is easier for you to move the leather around.* 
 Because this project was a bit harder than I intended I didn't take pictures of the process because I didn't think it would even turn out. But basically I just layed out my pattern before sewing. I sewed one side first then the other by placing the leather strips right sides together. Then I sewed them right sides together down the middle. I added the inside by sewing right sides together, turning inside out and then sewing the hole. Then I made little incisions into the leather through the front and bottom pieces so that I could attach the shoe lace. 
If this seems a bit confusing that's ok because I definitely struggled. If you want to see a different recycled leather wallet project check this heart one out it is way more simple. 

Thanks so much to Katie for appreciating Earth Day in such a fun way and for letting me guest post! 
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