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Plastic Strap into Ribbon- Recycled Scrapbook Embellishment DIY

Today's post is by the awesome Veronic from the Lucky7Factory.  I love using recycled embellishments on my scrapbook layouts, and this is a great idea!
You know when you buy a new dress, they always have the plastic straps attached to the shoulders so that it will hang on the hanger? Well, Veronic is going to show you how to restyle those and turn them into embellishments!

Plastic Strap into a Ribbon

Plastic strap ( when you hang a dress)
Alcool ink and materials (Ranger Ink)

1. Cut the strap out of the dress
You will end up with a transparent ribbon

2. Choose the ink color you want your ribbon, and apply on it. Let it dry 15 minutes.

3. It's ready to use!
I use it on my layout for the Craft Marathon.
Easy peasy!

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