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Earth Day Treat Bag DIY

Okay, so today's tutorial is only kinda recycled- I reused a piece of card board + paper scraps for the card. So even though it isn't all recycled, It is Earth Day related, and who doesn't love m&ms?
Supplies: M&M's, Thin Cardboard, Paper Scraps, Scissors, Stapler,  Ziplock Baggie, Misc Embellishments.

1. Separate all of the Green m&m's from the rest of the colors. I used Easter m&m's and mini m&m's.
I love organizing things by color, so this part was fun. :)
and it's possible that I actually had tooo much fun. See?
Okay, back to the tutorial-
2. Put all of your green m&ms into a ziplock.
3. Measure the width of your ziplock.
4. Cut a piece of thin cardboard or paper that is the width f your baggie and 8" or longer, so that when it is folded in half it covers most of your baggie. (but not all!)
5. Decorate the front of your cardboard.
6. Fold it over the top of your ziplock, and staple the bottom.
and you're done! You could give these to a little kid, or a little kid at heart that just loves m&ms. :)
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  1. This is adorable, Katie!! I love those felt embellishments!! Goes great with the Earth Day theme. :)

  2. I love it! Those felt embellishments are so cute! Also, I think I have that same stapler at home!

    1. Haha, I've had that stapler forever! :)

  3. This is so cute! I am so trying this!

    1. do it!! I'd love to see pictures, too. ;)

    2. Will definitely have picture to show and a shout out to your blog! :) Thanks so much for sharing!


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