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For the Love of Minis, Macro Photography- Guest post from Kerry

I love to use my macro lens to photograph these small toys. I have a collection of very small toys I pick in five and dime, toy, and craft stores. Here I have used overhead light but I find natural light is better. I have a pretty steady hand but, you might find it easier to use a tripod with your camera. Macro lens are pretty sensitive to movement.

I like to buy fun paper to use as backgrounds. Nothing fancy here. I just prop the paper up and sit the toy on the paper. You can buy small pads of patterned paper or single sheets at most craft stores.

I always import the photos into lightroom and have a little fun with the color and look of the photos.

I decided this set of photos would make some great spring/Easter cards. I use funky scissors and glue dots or double stick tape to stick my prints on my cards. Using the scissors gives the photos fun and funky edges. The scissors are inexpensive so you can have a big collection of them.

Voila! A fun spring/Easter card
Thanks,   Kerry

-To see more of Kerry's work, find her here: BLOG | SHOP | WEBSITE -
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    1. Haha I love those little chickens their expressions always look a little bit p*ssed off or freaky


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