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I've been doing a lot of zentangling lately. Have you heard of it? In a simple description- It's designing beautiful, complex art by combining different repetitive patterns. 
Yes, it looks complex. Want to know a secret, It's actually really really easy.  Here's how.
Supplies: Paper, Pencil and a thin black marker. I would recommend a Micron Pen, But something like a Sharpie would work as well.

You can do it on any size piece of paper, but the normal size is 3&1/2" x 3&1/2". Start by lightly sketching s shape onto your paper with a pencil.
In one part of your shape, start doodling. You can create your own pattern or find one you like. There's a great site called TanglePatterns. It has a wonderful directory of patterns and tutorials.
Now choose a different pattern, and fill in another section of your shape with doodles.
Keep filling your shape with patterns.
Having fun? I love zentangling, Here are a few I've done.
Want a little more inspiration? Follow my Zentangle board on Pinterest.
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