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Weaved Fabric Basket *TUTORIAL*

My mom made this adorable basket by weaving strips of fabric up like a basket, and she is sharing a tutorial with you guys! enjoy!

3 Different Fabrics (Half a yard of each.)
Bias Tape, Fabric Stabilizer or interfacing (to keep  it stiff)
Sewing Machine, Rotary Cutter or Scissors.

1. Cut 14  2&1/2" x 22" strips from assorted fabrics. (we did a few strips from each of the 3 fabrics.)

2. Put the rights sides together of 2 of the strips and sew the long sides to make a tube. Repeat with the rest of your strips so that you have 7 tubes.

3. Flip them right side out and iron flat.

4. Cut 7 strips of interfacing that are 1&5/8" x 22".

5. Insert 1 into each of the 7 fabric strips. (inside the tube)

6. Lay 3 of your fabric strips horizontally. Then weave the remaining 4 in, leaving 6" remaining on each side.
Set aside.

7. Cut 3 2&1/2" x 28" strips from fabric and sew them into tubes as before. Also cut 3 strips from interfacing that are 1&1/8" x 28" and insert into the fabric tubes.

8. Taking one of the fabric tubes you just made, fold it in half and stitch the ends together to that it makes a loop. Repeat with the other 2.

9. Iron your loops into squares by pressing creases in them. (giving them corners.)

10. Now take your 3 loops over to your weaved fabric strips.
Weave the loops into the fabric strips by folding up the strips and weaving them through the 3 loops.

11. Pin the ends to hold in place for the moment.
12. If the ends of your fabric strips are crooked, trim them up so that the top of your basket has a nice even edge.

13. Finish off with bias tape, or using a cute trim.
cute, right?
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  1. Thanks for stop by and play along at my blog challenge Katie !! Your blog is so awesome II I found so many inspiration here.

  2. Oh how sweet! I sure hope I have time today to try this basket. Waaay cute!

    Thanks to your mom for sharing and to you for such a cute blog.

    My first time here!



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